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Dealing with bees for the first time?  Here is everything you need to know about bee removal.

Real Beekeepers

We LOVE bees!  Our methods of  removal are humane, and performed without any chemicals. 

10 Year Guarantee

You are protected!  Our Structural Hive Removals are backed by our
10 Year "NO-Bees" Guarantee.

Popular Bee Problems

Bee Swarm Removal

Got a swarm of bees visiting? Get rid of them before they start living with you.

External Hive Removal

Seeing bees concentrated in one are? You may have a beehive that needs removal.

Structural Hive Removal

Bees flying into a crack or a hole?  You have a beehive you need to remove ASAP.

Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps building nests in the eaves? Get rid of them before they grow and multiply.

Hive Trap-out

Bees just started flying? It may be possible to trap them out without structural opening

Hive installation

Love bees as much as we do? Set up a hive for them in your backyard or roof.

Don't wait - the problem will only get bigger!


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what our clients say

"What a great company!  I called them YESTERDAY, and they came out to inspect that afternoon.  after a thorough inspection, he scheduled a morning hive removal.  THis morning, they showed up, removed the hive... LOVE LOVE LOVE!!"
Dawn H. - Los Angeles
"We highly recommend these guys and I LOVE that they don't kill the bees, they collect them and then relocate them.... GREAT COMPANY."
Skip B. - Los Angeles
"...Same day professional service it doesn't get better then that. I would definatly recommend them to anyone and will call them for any future bee probelms of my own..."
Brittni S. - LOS ANGELES