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Our team specializes in live, humane, non-chemical bee removal and hive relocation in the Los Angeles area.  We resolve structural and exterior bee infestations, as well as any wasp problems you may have.  Instead of chemicals, we utilize beekeeping methods and techniques to capture and relocate the bees/wasps.  

Bee Swarm Removal

Got a swarm of bees visiting? Get rid of them before they start living with you. 

Exterior Hive Removal

Seeing bees concentrated in one are? You may have a beehive that needs removal.

Structural Hive Removal

Bees flying into a crack or a hole?  You have a beehive you need to remove ASAP.

Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps building nests in the eaves? Get rid of them before they grow and multiply.

Hive Trap-Out

Bees just started flying? It may be possible to trap them out without structural opening

Hive installation

Love bees as much as we do? Set up a hive for them in your backyard or roof.

Swarm removal

Bee swarms arrive in all shapes and sizes.  They attach to any surface and form what is known as a "bee beard". During the swarming period, bees are not aggressive, as they are focused on following the queen.  Once the queen decides on a place to land, they will all clump around her and start looking for a permanent future hive location.  It is best to remove them before they settle into the framework of your house.

Learn more about swarms

Exterior hive removal

Hives that are not within the framework of a structure are classified as exterior hives. They can be found in a container of some sort, or simply hanging from a tree/fence.  Hives within the hollow cavity of the tree also fall under this category, but present a different set of challenges.  
A physical inspection of the problem area is a must.

Types of exterior hives

Structural hive removal

Bees build structural hives within the vacant cavity of the structure.  These hives take shape of the cavity as they grow.  They are commonly found between the studs in the wall, and between rafters in the roof.   However, they are not limited to these areas and can also be found in chimneys, vents, soffits, fences and any other part of the framework.
A physical inspection is a must.

 A structural opening is required in order to remove the beehive.

Identify your problem

Wasp Nest removal

Besides bees, we also remove wasps and yellow jackets.  Wasp nests are mostly found in the eaves of the structure.  The queen starts building a nest from a single cell and expands it to accommodate the entire colony.  On the other hand, yellow jackets tend to nest underground, in large colonies, and can be found on the side of the hill or between the roots of trees/bushes.

Types of wasp nests

Hive trap-out

In some cases, it makes sense to install a trap-out and funnel all the bees out of the hive.  However, there are many variables that must be considered prior to choosing this method of removal.  Our team will analyze the situation and if appropriate conditions are met, will present you with this option.

Trap-out installation is based on our beekeepers approval.

learn about Trap-out method

Hive installation

We don't just remove hives, we also install them.

If you are interested in making your own honey, or just keeping bees in general, we can set up a hive for you in the backyard or on the roof.  Our beekeeper will choose the best location for the hive and introduce you to basic beekeeping skills.  We also offer hive maintenance services.

Get a hive

what our clients say

"What a great company!  I called them YESTERDAY, and they came out to inspect that afternoon.  after a thorough inspection, he scheduled a morning hive removal.  THis morning, they showed up, removed the hive... LOVE LOVE LOVE!!"
Dawn H. - Los Angeles
"We highly recommend these guys and I LOVE that they don't kill the bees, they collect them and then relocate them.... GREAT COMPANY."
Skip B. - Los Angeles
"...Same day professional service it doesn't get better then that. I would definatly recommend them to anyone and will call them for any future bee probelms of my own..."
Brittni S. - LOS ANGELES