What we do

We save bees!!!
Our local beekeepers provide bee removal and hive relocation services in the Los Angeles area.
Bees are removed live and without chemicals. Colonies are relocated to an apiary, and later to farms.

Hive Inspection

Step 1:   In order to figure out the best approach and the scope of work required to remove a beehive, we must come out and perform a physical inspection.  We use a variety of modern equipment to pinpoint exact size and location of the hive within the structure.  After an inspection, we will present you with a quote for live bee removal.

Bee Hive Removal

Step 2:   After the hive is located, our beekeepers start the removal process by opening the structure in order to expose the hive.  Once exposed, the bees are removed with specially designed vacuums (keeping bees alive) and the hive is taken apart in pieces. After the removal, the infestation cavity is cleaned and prepared for repair.

Bee Relocation

Step 3:   After the removal, the colony of bees is temporarily relocated to an apiary to re-establish itself.  The bees are closely monitored for healthy growth, and brood production.  When the colony is ready, it is donated to farms where the bees live, thrive, and continue pollinating fruits and vegetables as  nature intended.

What happens to the bees

Removed Humanly

Bees are removed alive. They are not treated with any chemicals.

Relocated to an Apiary

The colony is placed into a hive box, and begins re-establishing a hive. 

Donated to farms

Once the hive is ready, it is donated to farms for crop pollination.